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Grand Tour of a Unique Oak Park Garden -- Shown Late April 2012

The side of the house faces west to the street. We planted a rain garden there which is watered from the downspout seen to the right of the window. A couple of years after we planted the garden the side of the house had to be reconstructed. We dug up the garden and put the plants in large pots which Linda tended. When the workmen were finished the garden was replanted.

Here is Linda'a view of the garden from her front entrance porch.

The back corner of Linda's lot is home to some nice Cotoneaster shrubs. They have very pretty little red berries. Seen to the left is the Catalpa Tree we planted. To the right is the Hackberry which was hidden by some large shrubs which were removed. The Hackberry got no sunlight then, but look at it now. It is as big as the Catalpa. They both grew to over 25 feet tall in just a few years.

Looking into the garden from the sidewalk we experience a nice assymetrical flow of shape and structure. The little birdbath feature to the right anchors your view.

One's eyes are drawn to the birdbath, around the perimeter and then back out to the sidewalk.

This little stone path leads around the Viburium into a secret little "hideout" where the air conditioner sits.

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