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Grand Tour of a Large New Prairie-Style Home in Villa Park

It is now Late Fall of 2012 and nothing is flowering. The plants have gone dormant and most have dried up. If it were earlier we would see some beautiful Fall colors but we will get to those later. The dried domant plants still perform nicely with interesting shapes, forms and structures. They provide food and shelter for many animals.

Here is the entranceway with the sculpture and the log and stone features which are very prominent now. As the area fills up with plants the features will be harder to see during the growning season.

We planted the area against the wall with medium-sized shrubs and made a raingarden out of the swale (gully). The swale and downspout (behind the scultpure) drain to the left through the stepping-stone path into the 150-foot long streambed on the south side of the house. We will see later in the streambed series.

The gardens on the east side of the garage will eventually grow from three to eight feet tall.

The bed around the Basswood Tree is punctuated with a decorative log pile, an old wooden kiosk (which we salvaged from an alley), paths and assorted stone features.

This decorative birdbath is hidinga a wellhead.. Tom hollowed out one of the logs which is used to camouflage the wellhead.

The plants by this downspout are still mainly green. This waters the raingarden below.

The stone and pebble stream entering the raingarden is very decorative and pleasant to look at. Most people appreciate this feature.

The raingarden plants, all dormant, have a new and interesting sense of beauty. Native plants change their color, form and structure continuously through year -- even in Winter.

More of the raingarden.

And more .

And still more.

Here is the area with all the utilities. This will be fully grown out shortly, but in the Fall and Winter they will be visible again. I do not like to use evergreens to hide things. You might as well build a fence.

And finally, the shady area on the north side of the house. This too will fully fill out even though the conditions are harsh.

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