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A Small Parkway Garden in Oak Park

This parkway garden is located near Barrie Park in south Oak Park, IL.

The parkway is large and wide and gets full sun.

The secret of its success is to use short plants.

We used mostly clump-forming plants for all seasons.

Detail of decorative grass

A rock, brick and log feature adds additional texture.

Here is the same parkway garden two years later. Notice how the plants have matured.

another view of pkwy

This small garden is located in a sunny patch of front yard in Oak Park.

A Small Yard on the North Side of Chicago

This small garden gets full sun and is located on the south side of the porch. The plant to the far left is spiderwort..


sunny garden


north side
The north side of the garden has a raised bed and rain garden features, including moisture loving plants. Water comes from the downspout at the side of the house.


This plant, prairie blazing star, was planted to replace a cement structure that held a light.

prairie blazing star

A Tiny Garden in downtown Chicago

shady bench
This small garden is growing in extreme shade.It was planted on the north side of a three-story greystone in downtown Chicago.


There isn't much sun because the neighbors on either side of this lot have large trees in their front yards.
flagstone path


Another view of the small garden



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