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Shorelines: Living along a stream or river can be beautiful and exciting. It can also be a nightmare. A healthy well-planted shoreline is a lovely sight. We have taken many eroded and degraded shorelines and converted them back to the way nature intented. Here are some examples.

Eroded Shoreline -- April 2005.

Restored Shoreline -- October 2010.

Twilight on the Fox River in Geneva, Illinois. The flowers and grasses capture the setting sun's life-giving rays. What a spectacular view!

Eroded shoreline -- April 2009.

Restored shoreline -- July 2011.

About a mile further south from the previous garden is another beautiful home along the Fox River. Unfortunately, the shoreline was eroded and severely undercut. Over the years tons and tons of rock were used to try and prevent this erosion. Native wildflowers, grasses and sedges, with their deep roots and spreading nature, would have stabilized the shoreline.

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