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Not so much as a single blade of grass grew in the sun-baked front yard of the Seguin organization's office building. This photo was taken about 2004.

A few years later in 2007 the front yard now hosts a beautiful native wildflower garden.

One of the problems of tall plants in a narrow strip of land facing south is that the plants flop over the sidewalk as the reach for the sun.

Plants will naturally grow straight and erect if they are out in an open area like a field or a large yard.

The scientific name for this sun-tracking property of plants is heliotropism.

An attempt was made several years ago to add an interesting feature to the garden using these two old posts surrounded by rocks. The plastic weed screen you see not only kept out weeds, it also prevented oxygen and water from getting to the soil, hence the soil was a dead zone.

We removed the impermeable weed barrier and amended the soil by roto-tilling in composed humus and manure. See the difference between the dead and living garden.

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