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The Ethical Humanist Society of Greater Chicago

Located in Skokie, Illinois

Late June 2011

The Ethical Humanist Society did not have much land available to create a large wildflower garden. So, we chose a small triangular area of about 160 square feet at the entrance to the parking lot. The garden was distant from the main campus but still made a bold statement and represented the ideals of the Society.

It was a relatively difficult job. A large shrubs had to be removed and disposed of, a weed cloth covered the entire area, the soil was heavily compacted clay and there were buried water sprinkler pipes present.

The garden was designed and planted in the Summer of 2009.

Shelby, our happy intern for 2011, is cheerfully weeding the garden.

All gardens need to be tended, some more than others. Also, public places accumulate a lot of debris from passersby.

A well stewarded gsrden will be kept in good balance and always look great.

A lush wildflower garden, essentially in a parking lot, brings life and home to a struggling environment.

Although the garden is properly planted you can see that the majority of the color present is green. Wilflower gardens are subtle. Their colors change from week to week as various plants take over the leadership in the color department. Grasses present a great matrix for the flowers to strut their stuff.

The Purple Coneflower (left) has pink petals that droop down. The Reflexed or Tennessee Coneflower (right) has petals that point up.

The garden in the Early November of 2011. Nothing is flowering now and the grasses are displaying their russet Fall color. A single sedge (lower left) stubbornly hangs onto its chlorophyll.

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