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Vial House

The Pleasantdale Garden Club, which created and maintains the beautiful flower beds around the Vial House, contracted with Art and Linda's to plant a wildflower garden in the backyard.

The challenge here was the garden's proximity to a weedy, wooded area which was home to many rabbits, deer and weeds. However, time has shown they were not much of a problem.

When making a relatively small garden it is best to employ shorter plants. Unfortunately, as the name Tallgrass Prairie implies, this is a bit of a task. Two to three feet tall plants would be considered (in my opinion) acceptably short.

In a circular bed like this, we would keep the taller plants in the center with the shorter plants around the perimeter. .

We would always try to have something in bloom from early Spring to late Fall. Native perennials have a definite bloom time so the garden is an ever changing kaleidoscope of colors, shapes and textures.

Photos of the flowers, along with their names and additional information about them, helps visitors relate to the flowers and grasses in this garden.

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