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Our Philosophy -- A Great Garden Begins With A Great Conversation

At Art and Linda's Wildflowers, we really enjoy talking with our customers about their vision. We've also learned something over the years - a great garden begins with a great conversation.

Your decision to have a wildflower garden is a creative one. The enthusiasm and interest it generates will be exciting to share. So, spend some time with us just describing your dream garden. What does it look like in your heart and mind? Do you see places for meditation, special features, rain gardens, birdbaths and feeders? Maybe you’d like your garden to provide you with privacy as well as natural beauty. Perhaps you have a special love for birds and want to attract and nurture them.


Stewardship – Caring for Something You Love When you spend time weeding and pruning, cutting back and carefully tending your plants you are, in fact, stewarding your garden. The actual meaning of the word “steward” is: The action of watching over and maintaining of something that has been entrusted to your care. At times though, our might ask yourself - “Why should I bother weeding? Aren’t these native plants? The answer is that if you don’t or can’t apply at least some stewardship, native plants may become aggressive and your wildflower garden could be in danger of losing its diversity. Many of us start out with the intention to always watch over our new garden, but not all of us actually have the time and energy to do the best job that the garden serves. At Art and Linda’s we feel that one needs to work at their stewardship, as you would at a relationship with someone you care for. It’s not just a once-in-a-season kind of attention given to family and friends, but more of the on-going and thoughtful process. So, once you have established your garden, you might want to familiarize yourself with its special needs to maintain its look. Or, you might consider the services of someone like us - a trained steward. We will have the materials, knowledge, and tools we need in order to do the best job possible. We’ll also know how to watch out for certain plants that have become too aggressive. At Art and Linda’s we know what’s a weed and what’s not a weed in your yard and when plants need to be thinned out or cut back. So, when you are considering the stewardship of your home garden, consider a “steward’s” thoughtfulness to watch over it and maintain it in a healthy state for your future use, and continued enjoyment.

The Sacredness of Place

In creating our gardens, we take our cues from the beautiful things and places we have seen in the natural world.

If you have children or grandchildren, you might like to attract butterflies and interesting insects. A native garden is an excellent place for teaching children about the natural world and its role in our environment.

If you’re confused or stumped or just don't know what you want - then we will talk about that! We’ll find ways to bring you on board, based on our many years of experience and our shared love of nature. So, start now and let’s have that great conversation soon!

Your Friends,

Art and Linda

Art and Linda's Wildflowers



(708) 785-2943

Art's Garden

The location - the earth - tells us what goes where. The conditions, such as the amount of sun or shade, the type of soil, the amount of moisture an area will get and retain all dictate what types of plants will be happy, will thrive and will coexist there.

The native plants we use - the wildflowers, grasses, sedges, ferns, shrubs, and trees - will all belong together there, as they have since ancient times. Otherwise there will be a sense of disharmony, discordance, and uneasiness.

Now, having said all that, how do we create a sacred place for you? The answer is, we really don't!!!

The sacredness can only come from the relationship that develops between you and the place, unless it was sanctified previously. Perhaps it is the place where you buried your pet or plan to dedicate in honor or memory of someone that you hold dear.

What we can create for you is a place where harmony, place, ease, calm, beauty, and life will abound; where you can focus, think, meditate, remember, relax, play or worship, being one with your surroundings.

The placing of favorite artifacts of your own choice from the natural world, such as old gnarled logs or rocks and stones can draw you in and hold your attention.

Shade Garden

You can have the garden blessed or dedicated thus affirming its specialness. We create a place for you, which, upon entering, takes and holds you by its unique attraction and sanctuary. The rest is up to you.

Click here to see an example of a sacred garden sanctuary.

Garden w/ Trellis
Art's garden in Cicero started as a typical, grass-covered yard. The garden is in full sun. Bird feeders and water abound. Wildflowers include: (from left) Goldenrod, Trumpet Vine and Purple Coneflowers.

This shade garden was laid out around a large oak tree. The rich soil supports wildflowers, grasses and sedges. The native plants are seperated by interconnected, mulched paths which define the beds. Flowers include Woodland Phlox and Wild Goldenglow.
Shade Garden

Front Garden
This garden is situated on the north side of a Riverside bungalow. It contains a beautiful shade-tolerant assortment of native plants including: (from back to front) Calico Aster, Giant Purple Hyssop and Sweet Black Eyed Susans.

A quiet, shady garden can become a sanctuary with the addition of personal features.

Click here to see more photos of this Oak Park garden.

Let Art and Linda's Wildflowers care for your special garden. We will cut down, clean up and remove dead plant material in the spring; plant and prepare gardens in the fall; compost, weed, mulch and remove buckthorn.

We will also build and install composters and lighting. Click here to visit the University of Missouri Extension for detailed information about composting systems. Or click here to visit Rot Web, which also has outstanding general composting information.

(This page is new - please return later in the spring for more information about these services. )

Your garden will look great through all the seasons and will be appreciated by the butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife that will visit there to eat and rest.


Relentless Care Club

Just what are we relentless about? We are relentless about caring for your garden all year 'round. We really want you to have the happiest and healthiest environment for your garden in all seasons. So, we're offering you an opportunity to go beyond the "Early Bird Special" to "The Relentless Care Club". With this new initative, we will visit your garden not only in the spring - but every month to six weeks or so. You don't even need to make an appointment. Just prior to or right after our visit, we will contact you, to advise you. Then, during the visit we will see if your garden is in need of work, if it is, we'll just do it, instead of waiting for problems to get out of hand.

Relentless Care Club Benefits.

- Includes all services in Early Bird Special

- Enjoy a 10% discount on all labor

- Falling or leaning plants staked

- Plants added, removed or divided to look their best

- Mulching, Weeding & Trimming

- Please call us for more information about joining The Relentless Care Club at (708) 785-2943.

Price Structure

The cost of your garden is determined by the cost of labor, plants and other materials used plus a service fee. A maximum price can be established and guaranteed depending upon your budget. (See details below.) Your first site evaluation and visit are free.

   A design fee will be determined depending upon the size, scope, and difficulty of the project and other factors.

ON-SITE LABOR - includes but is not limited to:
   Site Preparation and Maintainance, including buckthorn and brush removal, herbiciding,rototilling, edging, planting and mulching.    Designing, bed flagging, plant placement, hardscaping, constructing irrigation systems, fences, paths, stonework, birthbaths, compost bins, labeling and other decorative features.

Designers: $80 per hour
Interns/Helpers: $40 per hour

Plants and Grasses: The prices of the plants, whether they are grasses, sedges, flowers, ferns, vines, shrubs or trees are generally determinedby the size of their container or pot.

  Woodland root stock
  Flowers and grasses in 2 1/2" pots and 2"x5" plugs
  Flowers, vines, grasses and ferns in 4 1/2" pots
  Flowers, vines, and grasses in gallons (except trees and shrubs)
  Trees and shrubs 3 gallons and larger
$  2
$  4
$  6
Generally $25-$30

OTHER LANDSCAPING MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES: Mulch and nuggets, permits, licenses, fertilizer, herbicides, topsoil, composted humus and manure, structures, hardscapes, rocks and logs, etc.- at cost and a service fee. Prices are at cost when secured while on client's time or delivered from supplier. Add hourly time factor when purchased on Art and Linda's time or 25% if secured from Art and Linda's stock.

TERMS: A 25% downpayment would be appreciated with balance due upon completion or as periodically invoiced.

PLANT AVAILABILITY AND GUARANTEE: We guarantee our plants and grasses for one year. If a plant dies within this time, we will replace it with another one of the same type or one more appropriate for your garden setting at no cost. Ths guarantee holds unless the plant was killed by deer, rabbits, or another animal, the owner or another person. In that case we will replace the plant at half price.

STEWARDSHIP: Weeding, mulching, edging, planting, etc. Regular labor charge of $80/$40 hourly, plus plants and other materials. (A designer is only needed for a short period of time - if at all.)

CONSULTATION: We will provide an "on-site consultation-only service for a flat rate of $80 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. We can do a site evaluation, sketch plans for beds, label plants (labels are extra), provide plant lists and cultural guides and give detailed steps for completing and maintaining your project.


Art and Linda's is fully insured for General Liability and Workers' Compensation. Certificates of insurance available upon request. Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Environmental Programs, licensed and certified herbicide / pesticide commerical applicators and operators.

Art and Linda's is a member of The Conservation Foundation / Midwest Pond and Koi Society / Wild Ones / Landscape Design Association / Midwest Ecological Landscape Association / The Illinois Native Plant Society / Save the Prairie Society

For more information, landscaping ideas, or to schedule an appointment, contact Art at 708-785-2943

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