A Shade Garden in the Wildwood neighborhood of Chicago

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Rich soil and shade from oaks make this an ideal garden. The beds are defined by interconnected, mulched paths. The hostas will be the next to go.

Oak and Garden

Shade Garden with Phlox

The rich soil of this shade garden supports flowers, grasses and sedges. Flowers include woodland phlox, miterwort and wild goldenglow.

Sedges are grass-like plants usually about a foot tall. They have triangular stems, neat seed heads, bloom early and stay green all year. Remember: “sedges have edges.”


Shed with Enhancements

See how the character of the shed was enhanced when the split rail fence, door posts, barrel rings and watering can were added.

This small, narrow bed has it all - crested dwarf iris in a rock garden, a hollow log and other flowers and grasses. Rocks and logs add interest and character to the beds.
Logs and Rocks

Here is the Wildwood property a year later.

The shade garden as it appeared in September, 2002. In bloom: giant purple hyssop, goldenrods, golden glow and woodland sunflower.

This photo is similar to the tree above. Notice how the plants have filled out and matured over the summer.


Goldenrod, blue lobelia and cardinal flower provide a symphony of color.

Tall spikes of blue lobelia tower over the surrounding foliage.

Blue lobelia

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