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Linda and John Jocius

Brookfield Zoo's prairie garden, located at the north entrance of the Zoo on 31st Street, was started in 1997 by horticulturalist John Jocius.

Art and Linda got involved with the project in 1998, providing seed and prairie plants, including many that are unique and not commercially available.

At left, Linda and John pose in front of the prairie in April, 2001, just before the prairie garden was set ablaze to renew and invigorate the area and prepare for the spring's new growth.

Burning the Zoo's prairie garden- April, 2001

Fire on the Prairie

Walkway - Summer

The prairie was planted on the berms and hills on either side of the walkway. By the summer of 2001, prairie is full-grown and lush...


... a vibrant blend of native plants and grasses.

Summer Prairie

Prairie 1

 Some of the plants grown on the Zoo's prairie include:

Longheaded Coneflowers
New England Asters

Longheaded Coneflower

New England Aster

Rattlesnake Master
Brown-eyed Susans

Rattlesnake Master

Brown-eyed Susan

Walk in Fall

The prairie garden in the fall:

See the golds, rusts and oranges. Compare this with the summer's color scheme.

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