Heavy Clay soil and sun

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Original yard

This yard had terrible soil! During the construction of the house, the soil was scraped away, leaving rocky, hard clay.

Mushroom compost was added and rototilled into the beds with great effort.

Here is the newly planted garden.

First spring

Front door
Sweeping beds were laid out.

Another view of the front

Another view of front

Paths were added.

 A promising start!

Sweeping beds

front of house
Here is the same garden one year later. Notice how the plants have filled in.

A view from the side of the house.

side of house

front window

Plants are filling in beautifully!

A view along path. The rock and woodchips add texture and interest.
view along path


Hyssop under the window

Click here to see this LaGrange Park garden five years later!

The Oak Brook Library's back "yard" was also heavy clay and full sun.

In June, 2005 it looked like this.


 By fall, 2005 it looked like this.

Click here for details.


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