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Original view of the Oak Brook Library.

We began work in June, 2005. There were two beds, both in full sun with heavy clay soil.

The sunny prairie garden/habitat is now over a year old.


View from the outside of the childrens' section of the library. Note the birdhouses to the left.

A better view is experienced when shorter plants are planted at the edges or outside with the taller plants in the middle or against the wall.


All sorts of plants live here. They provide food and a home for a wide variety of butterflies, birds and even rabbits and deer. All are welcome...some not as much as others.

"OBPL Wildflower Garden"

Striking vertical, straight and erect (left to right):

sweet Indian plantain, rosin weed, Indian grass and prairie dock.

See how out of place the meticulously maintained arborvitae look when contrasted with this one year-old prairie garden.

Which plants do you think the kids, patrons, birds and butterflies are most interested in?

The view from inside the children's section looking out.

Left to right: wild bergamot, red (swamp) milkweed, false (early) sunflower, big bluestem grass, common boneset.


A cute "caterpiller" (see detail, below) crawls along the edge of the swale which waters the rain garden. A large storm sewer grate lies in the center of the garden.

The tall coreopsis and ironweed in the background can get really tall.

Here live plants that love getting wet.



The rain garden is a certified wildlife habitat. Click here to see more about Conservation@Home.

Click here to see a Fall 2007 update for this Oak Brook Library garden.


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