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Many unique features can be added to even a mature native plant garden to give it additional beauty, texture and interest. These would include:


This garden in N. Barrington uses limestone paths and retaining walls to add texture and levels of interest to the garden


A council ring and path, after the style of Jens Jensen, was created in a
N. Barrington garden.

The ring has become a nice place for the kids to gather for club meetings and for their parents to have breakfast.

Click here to see more samples of stonework in the garden

This half-barrel gives the impression of flowing water using stones "running" down a berm into a piece of hollowed log.



path 1
This pine bark path joins gardens by starting on one side of the house and continuing along the side to a stone patio that can be seen at top right of photo.

We make our paths by creating a shallow, beveled trench and filling it with pine bark nuggets. When the path is walked on, it becomes compressed and gives the appearance of a well-worn path (like this one at right.)

path 2

This path in Lincolnshire was created and planted in May, 2005. It already looks like a "natural" part of the garden.


Creating a garden habitat for native wildlife is a landscaping idea that's both attractive and good for the environment. Bird baths provide water for drinking, bathing, and in some cases, breeding.

Bird houses provide cover and a place to raise young.

Maywood Garden
The landscape design of this small backyard in Maywood was created and planted as a wildlife habitat - note the bird bath in the foreground. Several feeders were also installed around the yard.

Creative bird houses, like this one in Burr Ridge, can add a touch of whimsey to the garden.

bird house

Here is a photo of a multi-story bird bath created by Art. Not only will it host a larger variety of birds, it is an attractive sculpture as well.

Click here to see more of Art and Linda's Wildflowers'
custom made bird baths.


Rocks and logs provide habitats for amphibians and reptiles as well as adding interest to the garden.

log and rocks
A dead log and a few rocks placed between the ferns and sweet woodruff add texture and interest to this shade garden.


The placing of favorite artifacts of your own choice from the natural world, such as this woodpecker-enhanced log, can draw you in and hold your attention.
Shade Garden

This decorative log pile adds an interesting sculptural element to the garden. It can also be used for privacy, as a home for wildlife, a place to put cut wood (!) and can support vines.


A cut section of a cypress tree makes and unusual and interesting statement.


Fences, particularly split-rail and weathered picket define spaces and make nice backdrops.

backyard fence

Native plants look charming peaking throughthis weathered picket fence.
weathered picket fence


Both can be created using the water from downspouts or water hoses.

This stone feature uses water from a garden hose to create a waterfall and stream.

This garden in Lincolnwood, IL is complemented by a rain garden with a stone "stream" that begins at the home's downspout and can be enhanced by turning on a hidden hose.

Click here to see more images of rain gardens with water features.


Everything from sculptures and stone architectural ornaments to rusty wagon wheels or a wooden bridge can add surprise and delight to the garden.

This attractive set of bird houses was added later by the clients. Notice how the rain garden plants have filled in to give this garden a cool and inviting feel.

Click here to see more photos of this shade garden.

Stone path, white picket fence and wagon wheel - it works!

Large rocks and windmill add to garden interest.


Benches, by their very nature, invoke peace and calm. If sited properly, they offer a great place to sit while contemplating the garden.

This bench is nestled by plants surrounding a shady patio in N. Barrington.

Follow the stone path to this comfortable

...which is more hidden than it looks!

This bench, situated in a shady garden in Lincolnshire, provides sanctuary and shade.


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