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A Bungalow Garden in Brookfield, Illinois

This small bungalow is very attractive with colorful brick and woodwork. The sunny small front yard faces east. A large Spruce Tree sits in the middle of the north side of the lot where it doesn't bother anybody.

The little round bed surroudned by flagstone behind the two signs was already established by the owners. We enlarged that area coming forward to the sidewalk. The River Birch Tree in the raised bed by the corner of the house is having problems. I believe it is because it is too dry of an area. The stone wall around the tree replaced a decaying wooden structure previously there.

The flagstone we used in the construction of this wall is more "brick-ike" in appearance -- thicker and more box-like. The selection of stone for a project requires and artist eye. It is best chosen with the owner at a place where a very large selection is available.

The three flagstones in this corner feature were set into the ground at angle rather than laying them flat upon each other. This is called battering. Notice also how they drift to the left; they are offset.

The stone path leading to the water faucet in the front of the building is more decorative than functional. The path was laid like this to demand that the area in front of the beautiful window arch and flower box shelf was not to be planted -- obscuring the view of this attractive part of the house.

The flower pot expelling a stream of assorted rocks is used frequently in my work. Many people think I was inspried by the Japanese gardeners to give the impression of water pouring from a bucket. Actually, it is the inspiration I garnered from my former Farmers' Market days. The growers would tip the bushel baskets of small red potatoes on their sides to attractively exhibit them as they poured out.

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