shade gardens and spring wildflowers

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"Even casual study of an ecosystem reveals an abiding truth - that the relationships between things are as important as the things themselves. Living things have meaning in terms of what they do. Life does not know the dancer from the dance."

from: Eastern Deciduous Forest by Robert Q. Petty 

A Light Shade Garden in Evanston, IL

Notice the stonework that supports this raised bed. The split makes a welcome entrance.

Another view of the stonework and raised bed.

The shady backyard garden uses a mix of shrubs and native pants.

The garden to the right is a rain garden, featuring plants that prefer to be wet. It is fed by water from the garage's downspout.

This corner of the backyard between the fence and garage became a "secret" sitting area. A "waterfall" was created using the garage's downspout and a garden hose. It feeds the rain garden, above.

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