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Garden Stewardship Program

Existing customers will enjoy a TLCC discount of 20% off of our standard labor rate. You pay only
$32 per hour for a helper and $64 per hour for a designer, (who is rarely needed in stewardship).

SPRING:We begin with a clean up of your garden beds by removing debris and litter. Then we cut down the previous year’s dead growth and rake this out of the beds. The next step is to shred this material, (dead plants, leaves, etc.), with a mulching lawnmower and redistribute this newly created mulch back into your beds where it will rapidly decompose and help invigorate the soil. When we have finished, we will clean up the work area. Additionally, if needed, we will remove Buckthorn, Mulberry, Japanese Honeysuckle, Garlic Mustard, Dandelions and other early weeds, trim your trees and shrubs and edge the garden beds.

SUMMER:We again clean up your garden beds by removing debris and litter. Then we remove or thin out overly aggressive plants. We may also stake up any plants that are leaning. We will weed the beds - either manually or by the selective use of herbicides - and then clean up the work area when finished. Additionally, if needed, we will add pine bark nuggets to the paths, pea gravel to the streambeds and pine bark mulch to the beds. We can also trim the trees and shrubs and edge the garden beds. This is also a good time for us to plant additional flowers and grasses.

FALL:Fall stewardship involves cutting down most of your garden while leaving just a few distinctive plants and grasses up to add texture and interest during the winter months. Some of these plants include Compass Plant, Prairie Dock and Big Bluestem. The homeowner can easily cut these down in the Spring. We also rake up the fallen leaves from your yard and parkway and shred these along with the plants we have just cut down. This way, we get the leaves and the garden all at the same time. The shredded leaves act as a perfect mulch. Naturally, the first snow cover pretty well signals the end of our season.

For more information, landscaping ideas, or to schedule an appointment, contact Art at 708-785-2943

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