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A Sunny Home in Burr Ridge

This wildlife habitat garden was planned with a "sculpted" look - the plants in the front are low growing and clumped, the plants in the back are tall and stately.

The colorful bird house adds a touch of whimsy to the garden, while providing important shelter for habitat residents.

A close up view of native plants taken in the early fall, 2005, when the garden was a year old. The tallest plant is downy sunflower.

This wildlife friendly yard has a birdhouse and birdbath and bird feeders that you can not see.

What a colorful display! Isn't this better than having a mass of Yews planted along the wall? People say they do this because they want color during the Winter. My reply is, "Paint the house green."

Can you find the dog?

I mean the real dog!

Some people don't like to have flowers near the swimming pool. They are afraid they will attract bees and other insects that will bother them.

I found this is generally not a problem. The bees are more interested in the flowers than the people.

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