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Westchester, Illinois -- Spring 2010

Everything is greening up and some of the shrubs are flowering.

Native shrubs mainly flower in rhe Spring and Summer. Fall Witchazel, Hammamelis autumnale, flowers late in the Fall.

This welcome early Spring bloomers are the Prairie Smoke, Geum triflorum, (left) with its closed red flowers in the Spring and Summer and Shooting Star, Dodecatheon meadia, (right) which is an ephemeral and will soon disappear.

Lets visit Mary's garden later on, in October 2010. Everything is different.

See how she weaseled some Chrysanthemum and Sedum in by the walkway. In the trade we call this "an unauthorized design changes.

Here's Mary in her backyard garden. She appears to be studying something.

Mary's front yard again, rich in color and texture.

Here are two favorites that provide a lot of Fall enjoyment.

Willow Aster, Aster praealtus, (left) is a host to a big Bumble Bee. Round-headed Bush-clover, Lespedeza capitata, (right) stands out against the stucco porch.

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