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Removing debris and litter

Where does all this stuff come from? Almost every garden that we have stewarded in the Spring, and we have done hundreds, always seems to be full of schmutz, boopkies and kinkers. This stuff is hand cleaned and properly disposed of.

Cutting down last year's dead growth

Using gas-powered equipment like this allows us to cut the garden down in just a matter of minutes.

Raking out the garden bed

The dead plants and leaves are all raked out to the edges of the garden beds so they can be easily shredded with a powerful mulching lawnmower.

The garden is all raked out.

All of the cut down plants are lined up ready to be shredded with the mulching lawnmower.

Shredding the cut down and raked out dead plants

A mulching lawnmower makes short order of the large piles we saw. The plants are pulverized into a fine powder which is blown into the garden bed. This material acts as a mulch, and decomposes rapidly back into the soil.

The lawnmower is not used in the bed because we have all kinds of rocks and logs put there for design purposes.

Note the protective face and head gear.

Cleaning up the area

When the work is done, the area is all cleaned up so it looks nice. It is unprofessional to leave a work site messy.

Mission Accomplished !!

The garden has been all cleaned up, cut down, pulverized and placed back in the bed where it will decompose and invigorate the soil.

The dormant wildflowers and grasses will soon come forth and fill this area with color and beauty.

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