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A Small Sunny Garden on the Northside of Chicago, Illinois

This garden is small but it is jammed packed with all sorts of flowers, grasses, sedges, shrubs, features and doo-dads.

The other side of the garden looks just as beautiful. The shrubs are neatly trimmed and the garden is well controlled.

The key to keeping any garden looking great is regular care and stewardship.

The shrubs must be pruned, the beds weeded and mulched and the edges re-defined on a periodic basis.

Brown Fox Sedge, Carex vulpinoidea, gets about one foot high, but about three feet across so one has to be careful where it is placed.

Sedges have triangular stems, interesting seed heads, flower early and don't change color in the Fall. They are mainly found in wet or shady places, but there are sedges that grow in the full sun and even in sand.



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