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A Shady Garden in the south side of Chicago, IL

A small pine nugget path meanders from the patio through the garden to an open area under the Plum Tree suitable for setting up lawn chairs and a small table.

A small rock feature hidden amongst the flowers was just discovered by Toby. (In case you were wondering, Toby is that gray-brown blob in the bottom left of the photo.) The Celadine Poppy, Stylophorum diphyllum, (lower right) has just finished flowering but look at its interesting seed pods and leaves.

The beautiful white spikes of Violet Cress or Purple Rocket, Iodanthus pinnatifidus, highlight this garden in mid-June.

This plant is not available commercially. It was grown for me by naturalist and ecologist Casey Sullivan in New Buffalo, Michigan.

Should you be lucky enough to have toads, snakes or salamanders in your yard, a beautiful rock structure like this makes a great place for them to live in and hide.

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