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Gardens for Sacred Places: Sometimes individuals wish to dedicate certain areas of their property or gardens to mediation or prayer. In this case we look for stone or statuary that has a serene feel and creates a shrouded, hidden and peaceful environment for the individual who wishes to use this spot for meaningful thought or prayer. Often tall grasses or a mixture of taller flowers and grasses along with stone and natural objects promote this kind of special feeling.

These two off-set fence sections and bell create a "secret" garden entrance/exit from the garden to the front yard.

Thus we separate the sacred area from that of the everyday world -- much like a Torii Gate found at the entrance of a Shinto Shrine.

A statue of the pensive meditating Buddha becomes the owner's focal point in this yard, allowing her to achieve a sense of spritual calm and inner peace.

This series of photographs taken in late August of 2009 shows the White Baneberry or Doll's Eyes, Actaea pachypoda, as having gone to seed.

The unusual seeds of the Doll's Eyes give the plant its name because they resemble the glass eyes found in a child's antique doll.

The pattern of the stone path alongside the garage is reflected by the pattern of the trellis we installed on the garage ...

... which was probably inspired by the trellis work covering the crawl space under the back porch -- which dates back about 100 years when the house was constructed.

The very back portion of the yard exudes a sense of peace and tranquility.

The view of the backyard as seen from the porch. The yard is nicely framed by the two tree trunks on the left and right of this photo.

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