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Fox River Valley of Illinois

This is as we found the area in April of 2009. The entire shoreline was filled with rubble and debris. We regraded the undercut areas to smooth out the slope. We planted into the exposed soil but not between the rocks along the water as no soil existed there.

Here is July of 2011 -- the area's third growing season.

River Turtles are always sunning themselves on the rocks. I do not have a picture of them as they scattered whenever I approached.

During their breeding season the female turtles climb ashore at night and dig holes into which they lay their eggs. However, they are met by hoards of hungry raccoons who dig out the holes and eat the eggs. (YUMMY!!)

This has been going on since ancient times. All our attempts to thwart the raccoons have failed.

The strings you see along the shoreline are an attempt to prevent geese from getting onto the lawn and gardens by the house and pooping all over the place.

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