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The Miracle Rain Garden in Glen Ellyn

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The Rain Garden is elevated about one to two feet above the neighbor to the south's driveway. Previous to its construction water from the downspout and a constantly running sump pump would flood the neighbors' property and freeze in the winter ... causing many problems. Although this Rain Garden is not very large it accommodates all the water even during freezing temperates.

A small spillway (lower center) directs excess water towards the center of the yard during torrential storms.

Can you see the downspout? I bet you can't. It is hidden in the hollowed out log. The two inch PVC sump pump pipe is barely visible next to the log.

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Ditch Stonecrop, Penthoraum sedoides, is a great plant for a rain garden basin. It is relatively short, likes it feet wet and flowers early in the year with a brilliant red seed head.

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Missing pic

Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle, Diervilla lonicera, is a lovely shrub. It goes in many landscapes from full sun to light shade and likes it relatively dry. It has beautiful yellow tubular flowers in the Summer and its leaves turn brilliant red-orange-yellow in the Fall.

The front yard in mid-june 2011 -- five years after it was planted.

The Rain Garden is now lush and full. The plumbing is barely visible. The owners and neighbors are very pleased with the beauty and funtionality of the whole Rain Garden concept.

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