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Each year, Art and Linda choose to assist a not-profit organization with landscape design and installation of a unique native-plant garden.

2003- New Wildflower Garden Blooms at Seguin Retarded Citizens Association: In June, Art and Linda’s Wildflowers planted a wildflower garden in front of the residence of the Seguin Retarded Citizens Association on Ogden Road in Berwyn. The front of the building gets a lot of sun and Art and Linda’s hopes to provide a garden that residents and staff can tend and enjoy.

Obviously, Art and Linda's was successful, as we received this lovely e-mail thank you note designed by Lisa Kiziak, an artist from the center with developmental disabilities:

E-mail Thanks note

We were also recently informed that "The garden is doing great. Anita Brozas, an individual with developmental disabilities, not only waters the flowers everyday but also talks to them. Therefore, they will grow or Anita will know why."

We love our jobs!

 Pav YMCA 
2001 - Pav YMCA, Berwyn, IL -: Art and Linda donated native Illinois flowers and grasses which they planted in a wildlife habitat in front of the Pav YMCA. Leslie Cummings, a volunteer trainer with the National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Habitat Program, is now working with "Y" staff to see the wildlife habitat through completion. The completed habitat will be certified by the NWF and will be named the "John Fillmore Camp Memorial Wildlife Habitat."

2000 - John Middleton School in Skokie, IL: Art looked upon the large, sandy, front yard as a great opportunity to plant a sand prairie, with the plants and grasses one might find at Illinois Beach State Park near Zion. While Art provided the plants and advice gratis, volunteers from the village and PTA planted the area.
Middleton School

Zoo Prairie
1999 - Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, IL: Art and Linda provided the zoo with plants and seeds for their "Prairies of North America," located at the north entrance of the Zoo on 31st Street.

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