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The large handsome textured leaves of the Prairie Dock, Silphium terebinthinaceum, orient themselves in a north-side manner like the Compass Plant, Silphium laciniatum. This way the leaf presents an edge to the mid-day sun to help preserve water.

Even very tall and thin-stemmed plants like Tall Coreopsis, Coreopsis tripteris, (above center) will stand straight and erect if it does not have to reach for sunlight.

Several bare areas covered only with mulch are necessary so people can get in and out of their cars without crushing the plants. Paths through the parkway are a good idea, too.

Prairie Blazing Star, Liatris pycnostachya, is a great plant for a parkway garden. It is beautiful, attracts loads of pollinators, forms nice clumps and is not obstructive to the view.

These gardens should be tended regularly so that the plants don't obstruct people walking by. This garden is pretty well kept.

A large clump of Switch Grass, Panicum virgatum, (center of the photo) have seedheads that look like a big misty cloud.

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