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The beautiful landscaping in the front, side and back yards of this brick Oak Park home presents a good example of the style and flavor of Art and Linda's Wildflowers' work.

As is our custom, we highlight our gardens with interesting, natural-looking stone and log design features.

The owner, however, decided to include in the garden a good selection of her own creations.

They are everywhere!

Here a little water nymph is making good use of the waterfall feautre by the downspout.

Some little stone creature is perched atop one of the pedestals in our birdbath.

How do you think the mailman reacted when he first saw this guy guarding the front door?

I am not going to insult your intelligence by explaining to you what this is.

But I think it has something to do with sex.

We found this old metal bathtub at a job site on the north side of Chicago and brought it here. I think it will eventually be transformed into a big, gray elephant.

Is you TV set ready to receive a digital signal?

Ben and Toby are real dogs!

The nerve center where everything is made to happen!

Do you know anybody who needs to develop a backbone? I know where you can get one !!!

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