Stonework and Features -- Outstanding Finishing Touches

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Different odds and ends exhibit creativity and whimsy to add an exciting finishing touch that brings joy and happiness to one's life.

Large salvaged stone slabs were used to create a stairway up a small hill in Highland Park, Illinois.

A berm in North Barrington, about seveny-five feet long, was created using large stones that children could use as jumping-off places.

This treasured windmill, found at a yard sale, is probably the only one on the block.

The multi-storied, pastel colored, birdy high-rise is unusual enough to stop traffic ... even it is only bird traffic.

This combination bird condo and watering hole is smack dab in the middle of a wildflower garden.

These clay sunbursts come down in the Winter, thank God.

A nice stone patio walk is highlighted by clay planters.

Another tall pastel bird house, but this one is for a single family.

A cut section of a cypress tree stump makes for an unusual and interesting feature.

Stone path, white picket fence and wagon wheel - it works!

A nice colorful bird bath is highlighted by our simple-to-put-together stone doohickey. drive2

A "caterpillar" created by overturned flower pots in the rain garden at the Oak Brook Public Library.


drive2 drive2

Some features can be designed to allow for seasonal changes. Here they are all ready for Halloween.

The dry shady entranceway was enhanced with stones which require no moisture or sunlight -- unlike plants.

This beautiful, handmade "patio set" was once a large tree that came down during a storm. Ian, Lali and their family now enjoy spending time making good use of it.



The yard slopes severely downward from the foreground to the background. We took advantage of this feature when we built this brick circular wall around the base of this Pin Oak Tree, Quercus palustris.

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