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A Garden in Cicero Illinois that Needed Attention

Ths garden was reworked in June of 2009.

First of all, the garden was weeded. All gardens need to be weeded on a regular basis in order to keep looking good. Then the plants that had become too agressive were removed to be used elsewhere. They were dug up, placed in five gallon pots, labeled and watered. New species were added. This increased the diversity of the garden.

Some of the existing plants were moved around to increase the aesthetics of the garden. All transplanted and added plants were watered immediately as the day was very hot.

The reworked garden now looks very sparse because so many plants were removed and the new plants we added were so small.

A soaker hose was set on a timer to regularly irrigate the garden. The garden was remulched and the area was cleaned up.

It looks great!

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