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A Garden in Oak Park that Needed Attention

Before our makeover.

The structure of the garden - a well-made and beautiful pation filled about a third of the area. The backbone was mostly okay. The trees and shrubs were well-placed and healthy. They needed trimming and shaping.

Some of the plants were out of control. They needed to be divided and moved around a bit. There were some weeds but it was not an excessive amount. Bare spots, here and there, just cried out to me to plant them. The garden just needed to be put back in order - yet keep an informal and natural look about it.

Before makeover

There is a lack of structure or intention here. Weeds are scattered about which prevents the native plants from showing off their true beautys.

There were many features present here - birdbaths, large containers, a comfortable glider and so on. The stone pavers were excellently laid.

The little area in front of the garage, a natural focal point, really needed a lot of help. Also, there were a lot of small weeds growing up between the pavers. There were scrapped out with an Action Hoe - a handy weeding tool.

After makeover

Ths rather plain, pre-formed concrete water fountain was made to come alive by adding an assortment of stones to its base.

The existing trees and shrubs were trimmed. The pavers were weeded and cleaned up. New shrubs, flowers, grasses, sedges and ferns were planted. Some existing plants were divided up and relocated. The beds were then mulched with pine bark mulch. Larger pine bark nuggets were placed around the trees and shrubs and some of the features.

The birdbath was placed in front of the garage, easily visible from where the glider is located.

The following Spring presents a garden that is full, lush, colorful and interesting, yet totally under control with the plants able to present themselves as individuals.

Compare this with the same weedy view from the photo before the makeover.

The cement fountain looks like it was there forever, comfortably nestled in lush growth beneath the small tree.

The features on the deck - the containers and birdbath - now look like they belong. They are lovingly tended to by the happy homeowner.

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