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A Backyard Wildlife Habitat in Wilmette

Toby is wandering aimlessly along the many paths and into the hidden nooks and crannies filled with places to explore and things to find.

A secret meeting area.

Is the Wicked Witch still looking for her hat?

The children's play set was puposely grown over with River Grape Vine. The grapes provide food for migratging birds in the fall.

A wide variety of plants attracts all kinds of birds, butterflies and other insects.

Anise Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum, (lower left) is extremely fragrant. It smells like licorice and attracts all kinds of pollinators and birds.

This beautiful, handmade "patio set" was once a large tree that came down during a storm. Ian, Lali and their family now enjoy spending time making good use of it.


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