A Front yard Habitat in Riverside, IL

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The gardens around this Riverside bungelow were planted in the spring. Here it is in the fall. All of this growth happened in one year.


The north side of a nice brick Riverside bungalow. The shrubs were removed by the owner, who did much of the work.

This photo was taken in summer. The native plants were planted in beds around the entire property earlier in the year - May, 2001.

September Garden
This photo was taken in September, 2001. See how quickly it grew in only four months!

Summer Garden

The sunny front bed in late summer. Blazing Star, Black-eyed Susan and Nodding Wild Onion are in bloom. Note how much grass there is and how nice the clumps look.

The same view in fall. The color scheme is now changing to muted hues of rust, brown and gold.
Fall Garden

Plants in this garden include Little Blue Stem, Big Blue Stem, Prairie Blazing Star, Ohio Goldenrod and Sand Love Grass.

This small garden is located in the north east corner of the house.

Here are the garens around the same house a year an a half later. Notice how the plants have matured and filled in:

Front of house

The flowers of late summer, from left:
Black-eyed Susan, Wing-Stem, Elmleaf Goldenrod and Purple Hyssop.

A Prairie Dropseed grass decorates the planter

Goldenrods and Sweet Black-eyed Susan add color to this bed. Dried stalks of Prairie blazing Star, Big Blue Stem and Little Blue Stem add texture.

Compare this photo with the one taken last year.

back of house
The northeast corner garden now features Joe Pye Weed and Sweet Black-eyed Susan. Plumes of Northern Sea Oats (grass) add texture throughout.

A detail from the photo above: a trellis covered with Virgin's Bower (Wild Clematis.)


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