A Courtyard Garden in Forest Park, IL

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Here is the "ratty" courtyard, before new landscaping in 2001.

Original Courtyard

Cleared Space

A worker from Art and Linda's Wildflowers lays out a path.

A sacred area was created with a statue of the Earth Goddess, in memory of a loved one.

Sacred Aea

New Plants

The new plants were added.

The new path is covered with wood chips.



The gangway between buildings will be planted, too.

The sacred area with new plants and woodchipped path.

Sacred area

Watering the new garden

Watering in the new garden.

Here are some photos of the same courtyard a year later in August of '02:

Here is a view of the whole courtyard, with full-grown plants in bloom.
Courtyard and stairs

Hyssop and bottlebrush grass
A small area next to the walk features Bottlebrush Grass, Wild Goldenglow in the back and Hyssop in the front.

A closeup view of the same garden, above. Notice the Anise Hyssop, Blue Lobelia and Wild Petunias.
Blue Lobelia

A view of the opposite side of the courtyard.

A detail of the garden near the gate.
Gate and Path

Flowers and gate
A close-up view of the garden near the gate. From back to front: Late Boneset, Joe Pye Weed, Sweet Black-eyed Susan and Yellow Coneflower bloom in profusion.

A close-up view of mature flowers planted near the gangway.
Colorful flowers


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