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The Sacredness of Place

In creating our gardens, we take our cues from the beautiful things and places we have seen in the natural world.

The location - the earth - tells us what goes where. The conditions, such as the amount of sun or shade, the type of soil, the amount of moisture an area will get and retain all dictate what types of plants will be happy, will thrive and will coexist there.

The native plants we use - the wildflowers, grasses, sedges, ferns, shrubs, and trees - will all belong together there, as they have since ancient times. Otherwise there will be a sense of disharmony, discordance, and uneasiness.

Now, having said all that, how do we create a sacred place for you?

The answer is, we really don't!!! The sacredness can only come from the relationship that develops between you and the place, unless it was sanctified previously. Perhaps it is the place where you buried your pet or plan to dedicate in honor or memory of someone that you hold dear.

What we can create for you is a place where harmony, place, ease, calm, beauty, and life will abound; where you can focus, think, meditate, remember, relax, play or worship, being one with your surroundings.

The placing of favorite artifacts of your own choice from the natural world, such as old gnarled logs or rocks and stones can draw you in and hold your attention.

You can have the garden blessed or dedicated thus affirming its specialness. We create a place for you, which, upon entering, takes and holds you by its unique attraction and sanctuary. The rest is up to you.

Garden w/ Trellis

Click here to see more views of this courtyard.

Click here to see more views of this courtyard.

Garden w/ Trellis

Shade Garden

Click here to see more views of this home.

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