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Creating a garden habitat for native wildlife is a landscaping idea that's both attractive and good for the environment. Bird baths provide water for drinking, bathing, and in some cases, breeding.


The birdbath water must be changed daily with a garden hose to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the saucers. Also, be sure to take the saucers inside during the winter or they may crack.

Here is a photo of a multi-story bird bath created by Art. Not only will it host a larger variety of birds, it is an attractive sculpture as well.

Tranquil bird bath with stone Buddah

This bird bath was built at the entrance to the Prestbury Golf Course in Sugar Grove, IL:

It was constructed on a berm with dried branches, stones and pebbles. The bases of the bird baths were created from old telephone poles.

This native plant garden on the northwest side (of Chicago) creates the perfect backdrop for a multi-level birdbath.

This "multi-media" bird bath was constructed on a concrete slab and uses large stones, assorted logs, potted plants, ceramic pots and candle holders as well as saucers of water. All sit on pieces of cut up telephone pole.

The wooden fruit basket, with a sprawl of American Heritage rock, provides additional interest.

This bird bath was installed in a new garden in Oak Park. We used large pieces of flat flagstone as the base support for some of the saucers.

This bird bath in LaGrange uses rocks as well as logs for support.

Birdbath with stone, rock and deadwood accents, Skokie, IL

Another Skokie bird bath featuring black river stones.

A weathered plank fence and trellis form an interesting backdrop for this bird bath in Oak Park.

Click here to see more photos of this custom-bird bath and it's shady garden.

bird bath w/ accessories
This lively bird bath arrangement also features a bird house, watering can ...

... and even a few small figures!
bird bath arrangement

bird bath w/ house
This lovely bird bath features potted native plants and a bird house for whimsey.

A pair of concrete frogs welcome visitors to this charming garden.
bird bath w/ frogs
Birdbaths are so beautiful that you can show them off right in the middle of your front yard.

In the backyard the birdbath usually enjoys someplace tucked into a corner so the birds can see what is going on around them.

The double stump of a birch tree that was cut down serves as the base for this interesting feature in Wilmette.

This was a formerly hard-to-use space that seemed to attract trash. We beautified the area with a birdbath to attract the songbirds.

Also, we found a home for some flagstone from a degraded patio that we took apart and used here.

drive2 drive2

Wes and Cathy stand outside their busy garden in late January of 2012. Wes is an extraordinary birder so we built this little birdbath for him which you can barely see under the Bonzai-type shrub in their backyard.

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