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Art and Linda first met in 1986 when Art was standing on a garbage can trying to rescue a robin entangled in kite string. A few months later, Linda introduced Art to the special spiritual beauty of one of her favorite places - Wolf Road Prairie. Art loved the prairie as much as Linda and soon they were growing native plants and grasses in their own yards.

A few years later, they began selling these native wildflowers at farmers' markets in the Chicago area. They have found that native Illinois plants do very well in the area's hard clay soils and there are a great variety that grow in shade as well as sun.

Another plus to native plants is that they attract butterflies and provide both summer and winter food for birds. After planting milkweed, Linda soon found Monarch caterpillars happily munching away on the leaves and both Art and Linda report hummingbirds in their yards, though they live right outside Chicago.

As for the robin, he flew away to join his mate as soon as he was freed.

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