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Ann M. Mason,
Wetland Scientist

Ann Mason

Ann Mason is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist, Certified Professional Soil Classifier, Indiana Registered Professional Soil Scientist, and Wetland Scientist. Ann has been in the environmental field for over 20 years and owns Strata Environmental

Ann's responsibilities within the environmental field involve conducting soil chemical analysis, soil classifications and percolation tests (PERC) for septic determinations,

wetland determinations, wetland delineations, phase I environmental site assessments, phase II environmental site assessments, soil and groundwater quality assessments and underground storage tank removal projects.

Casey Sullivan

Casey has a B. S. in Forestry from the University of Illinois. He recently restored a local historic Fredrick Law Olmsted landscape and is a volunteer steward for several local preserves.

Casey Sullivan

Karen Green, webmistress

Karen Green

Karen Green is a graphic artist and web designer. She had training on and works with both a Mac and a PC and has her own business, Lombard and Thomas Website Design.

Following Karen's death on May 13, 2007, Lombard and Thomas Website Design is being continued by her daughter, Ilana Green, who can be contacted at lombardandthomas@gmail.com.

The update of ArtandLindasWildflowers.com is now being maintained by Jim Arbuthnot.

Mary Busch and Marian Thill Environmental Education Consutants

Our mission is to inspire reconnection to the natural world around us through Environmental Education and Outreach. School programs ranging from Kindergarten through 12th Grade levels are available. Quality programs are designed to meet your educational needs with a focus on meeting Illinois Learning Standards. Hands on experience in the field can be incorporated into curricula to address many areas of interest.

Busche & Thill


Linnzi Hodel
Restoration Ecology Technician

During the summer of 2002, I worked as a restoration ecology technician for The Nature Conservancy. As a member of the "north crew," our task was to aid in the restoration of the Cook County Forest Preserves just north and west of Chicago.

In order to successfully carry out the requested work the crew had to attain certain skills.

I became a licensed pesticide applicator and learned how to use a chainsaw. It was hot and hard work! So as not to consume the crew in solid manual labor we took "education walks." These moments were one of the great benefits of the internship. To me, the walks were indispensable for memorizing the names of plants both native and nonnative.

It was a blessing to be part of the ongoing ecological restoration efforts in my home state. Each parcel of land was an island of dynamic beauty among the encroaching development. I gained a deep appreciation for the native plant species and systems that once blanketed this region of the country.

Joseph Standing Bear
Crew Chief

Joseph Standing Bear Schranz is a White Earth Ojibwe and president of Midwest SOARRING Foundation. (Midwest Save Our Ancestors Remains & Resources Indigenous Network Group Foundation)Midwest SOARRING is a Native-based, not-for-profit organization formed in November of 1996. Their mission is to offer assistance, when asked, as a facilitator to the tribes regarding repatriation concerns; educate the public about various Native American issues including repatriation, cultural and environmental issues and building community among all people.

Joe Standing Bear
Their goal is to widen the knowledge of native plants and their uses and in the future, form trade of seeds and plants among different Tribes, while also working toward building a re-created working village where members, as well as family, friends and visitors can enjoy a sampling of their rich heritage.